Beginning of collection of registration questionnaires

Beginning of collection of registration questionnaires

Finally it happened!

On this bright Christmas holiday, we announce the start of the selection of families for free housing for IDPs within the framework of the charity project "Maetok"!

To participate in the selection, you need to read the instructions, then carefully fill out the questionnaire.

Questionnaires are accepted from 25 Dec 2023 to 15 Jan 2024 inclusive.

16 Jan 2024 We will publish the results, which will indicate the name of the candidates and the number of points scored. Scoring is automatic, based on CMU criteria.

From 16 Jan 2024 to 31 Jan 2024 documents confirming the questionnaire data will be checked. And, finally, according to the results of the audit, we will announce the families who will receive the keys to their new homes!

* Applications are accepted from 25 Dec 2023 to 15 Jan 2024. After the end of this period, all subsequent applications fall into the waiting list. The next application period will be announced immediately after the announcement of the construction of the next queue.

** Separate queues are formed for single-module and two-module houses.

In addition, you can support our initiative financially. By making a donation to our project, you will help provide housing for even more families who need it!

The "Maetok" is not only the construction of walls and roofs, but also the restoration of faith in a bright future. This project is a chance to give a piece of the Christmas spirit to those who really need it.

Merry Christmas, dear!

Be safe!

Congratulations! Ready to help you. Email me if you want to provide or get help
You are welcomed by the project "MAETOK" of the Charitable Foundation "Parents for Ukraine"