How can I get housing?

If you want to acquire a modular house from the Maetok project, you need to go through the following stages:
If you want to acquire a modular house from the Maetok project, you need to go <span class='text-accent'>through the following stages</span>:
Step: 1

Read the instructions

Read the instructions carefully before completing the registration form questionnaire. The questionnaire process is covered in this guide with useful information. Make certain that you have complete comprehension of the requirements and rules for the Maetok project

Step: 2

Complete the questionnaire

Filling out a registration form for 15 Jan 2024 is required to join the housing queue. The questionnaire asks for basic information about yourself and your family to be specified. Make sure to fill in all fields correctly and completely

Step: 3

Verify the documents

There is a list of necessary documents and the bodies required to issue them in the instructions. The document verification process will determine the right of use you can claim (ownership or temporary use)

Step: 4

Make a public offer

The process of obtaining housing requires you to sign a contract, which indicates your agreement with certain conditions. Read the public offer agreement ahead of time

Step: 5

Join an advertising campaign

The Maetok project involves an advertising campaign to raise funds for the city's construction. Residents who live in the future will take part in this campaign. Read the terms of engagement.

Step: 6

Obtaining housing

The commission of the project determines the right to use (ownership or temporary residence) for housing in the public offer.

Housing Application Form

Fill out the registration form if you've lost your home due to the war and need temporary or permanent housing.

By filling out the questionnaire, you will be added to the waiting list for housing.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine's criteria automatically determine the queue based on the number of points scored.

In the event that you reach the TOP of candidates for housing due to your points, our manager will get in touch with you to verify your documents.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is it possible to ensure water supply and drainage?

The installation of an individual well is the way water is supplied. An individual septic tank is responsible for drainage.

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