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The Maetok is a project of the charitable foundation "Parents for Ukraine", which was created immediately after the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in order to help Ukrainians who lost everything they had, to get a separate, decent housing and a normal life here in Ukraine.

The start of a full-scale invasion was preceded by the occupation and destruction of Ukrainian cities in large numbers. Our country was losing its most important component at the same time: the people who were forced to leave due to their homes being destroyed and continuous danger to their lives. 

We faced an important task: to create conditions in which people will not go abroad, because of the hopelessness, but will be able to stay here in Ukraine, raise their children here, be close to their family and warriors.

We acknowledged that those who fled the war suffered not only their homes but also their jobs. Many people were forced to start their lives over in a new city with no one to turn to. We pondered it while creating this project. Social modules are available for kindergartens, coworking spaces, or any other social infrastructure in our modular towns for IDPs. This is an opportunity for people to socialize and generate more employment opportunities. 

Each of our modular cities is situated within the city, providing access to schools, hospitals, shops, and other infrastructure. Our goal is not only to restore the feeling of home to Ukrainians, but to also ensure that individuals have the means to socialize in a new location.

Project Maetok is striving to solve a number of pressing challenges for Ukraine during and after the war, including:


Stop the mass exodus of families abroad and offer Ukrainians a chance to create a prosperous future in their homeland.


To give people not a temporary shelter or a hostel, we want to give a home - a place to which you want to return, where you feel at home.


Create employment opportunities for individuals in Ukraine, which will aid both our people and the economy.


Help with socializing in a new place.


The goal is to give hope to Ukrainians who left at the start of the war. They should be aware that there is a place to go. A home and future awaits them here.


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The "Parents for Ukraine" Foundation donated aid to the Dnipro Children's Hospital

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The Fund "Parents for Ukraine" handed over humanitarian aid to a medical institution of the Dnipropetrovsk Region

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