We return the house 
to the families of Ukraine


lost their homes
because of the war


our goal
is to settle


houses to build
to achieve the goal

Payment secured

Payment secured

The Russian aggression has resulted in the loss of housing for thousands of Ukrainian families


~ $1 785

The average cost of maintaining
a family in Euprope


The average cost of housing
in the secondary market

5+ million

Currently internally
displaced persons

6.3+ million

Number of people still outside Ukraine


The average cost of housing
in a new building without repair

Maetok is
the best solution!

$792/m² Average cost of construction Maetok

* the price includes a house that has a foundation, furniture, site preparation, delivery and installation

Our mission is to provide families with decent housing for the future generation of Ukrainians


The Maetok can be transported to a new location at any time. You are in charge of choosing where to live and where to build your future

Energy efficiency

Our Maetok has been fully insulated to comply with the conditions and standards of Ukraine and meets all energy efficiency standards


Our Maetok was built with environmentally friendly materials in consideration of the people who will live there.



Adding another module can expand the area of your house at any time. The Maetok can be expanded to the extent that you desire. You have the option to construct a large house for your family

Decent housing

Our Maetok has all the necessities for a comfortable living and has access to all necessary communications. You will have a permanent home that makes you feel at home again

Our projects

City "Nova Nadiya"


115/6 Charivna street, Obukhivka village,
Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine

Building area

0.2 ha

Residential buildings

3 items

Number of inhabitants

20 people

*The start of construction is planned after the implementation of the "Nova Nadiya" project.

City "Nova Mriya"


Bashmachka village, Solonyansky district,
Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine

Building area

2 ha

Residential buildings

27 items

Number of inhabitants

190 people

our project

Payment secured

Our partners


Frequently Asked Questions

Why modular houses, not brick houses?

The modular house's main priorities are to construct it with efficiency, environmental friendliness, cost, the possibility of expanding the area, and the possibility of moving. The ability to achieve high insulation capacity is achieved through modules that are properly designed and insulated.

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